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Patek Philippe. Wristwatches, montres bracelets, Armbanduhren

Martin Brunner and Alan Banberry

Patek Philippe. Wristwatches, montres bracelets, Armbanduhren
Anyone who owns or intends to acquire a Patek Philippe wristwatch will need to consult this book. Sister volume to Pocket Watches, Patek Philippe Wristwatches (by the same partnership of Huber and Banbery) made a major contribution to the growing popularity of fine wristwatches as collectors’ items by providing an illustrated reference to more than 400 timepieces. Photographs of the great and rare wristwatches convey the desirability of these priceless objects.

Contributing illustrator, David Penney, has brought technical drawing to an art form with illustrations and diagrams showing how complicated mechanisms work. This book is very close in style to a catalog raisonné of Patek Philippe’s wristwatches, giving model numbers, serial numbers, calibers and dates of manufacturing for each representative piece or unique watch.

English / Français / Deutsch / Italiano

363 Pages • • Format : 25.5 x 28.5 cm.
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