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Truetime's anti-counterfeiting campaign in Middle East

Truetime's anti-counterfeiting campaign in Middle East
This year, the Truetime's summer campaign has been conducted under the sun of middle east. The watch magazine Day&Night took the campaign under its wings and no fewer than 90.000 magazines have been distributed between end of May and September.
United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt are part of the distribution network.
The campaign started in June with a first magazine featuring a three pages article with a full page of the new campaign's design, this first voluntarily positioned "Luxury" (see pictures).   
As regards summer time campaign, Truetime released its  "Sport" design. Four additional pages aimed at enlightening people on the subject of fake. Moreover, the summer issue has been, in addition, distributed in VIPs areas of Qatar Airways company.

September issue, for which Fabrice Gueroux, President of Truetime Association, wrote a 6 pages article about fake vintage and collectors watches, has increased its distribution. Thus, in order to complete the summer campaign, Day&Night Magazine and Qatar Airways signed up a distribution agreement within the airline company.


The campaign will now travel around the world, between sky and earth, and I will have the pleasure to keep you up-to-date with the campaign.



Day&Night Magazine is a watch magazine distributed in Middle East (32.000). 150 pages, each month, full of information about the principle watch manufactures. Since July, the magazine is now distributed within Qatar Airways airline company (First class and business class).
Be part of the campaign :
Fabrice Gueroux : +33 676 412 705